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At Turn Goals Into Reality Coaching we believe whole heartedly that any business and the individuals working for that business should operate with integrity, openness and with their clients best interests in mind at all times.

To show our commitment to this belief we have created core objectives that our business and the individuals that make it up will act upon at all times;

  • We will act as a catalyst to empower our clients to turn their goals into reality.
  • We will treat every interaction as confidential and every client with respect and dignity.
  • We will always act with the highest level of ethics and integrity.
  • We will recognise that each person is an expert in their own lives or their own business.
  • We will never undertake coaching where another field such as therapy or counselling is more suited to the clients' aims or where we cannot give the client 100% commitment.
  • We are committed to spending 5% of our working time completing voluntary activities with underprivileged or risk groups.
  • We will welcome any and all feedback and act upon it to enhance our business in the future where appropriate.
All people associated with Turn Goals Into Reality Coaching sign their commitment to these objectives and the owners additionally commit to reviewing them every 3 months to ensure they are being adhered to.


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