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January, 2014
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LinkedIn reccomendation 1
1/5/2014 12:37:26 PM
Waldo, was great seeing you take control of your life in such a positive way!

Adrian did an excellent job in helping me to achieve my personal goals. He applied his knowledge of psychology and behavioural science to great effect in helping me define and reach them. He took the time to understand me and explained how factors seemingly unrelated to my goals could still affect them. As a result, he helped me organise and enhance other aspects of my life. I have never felt more organised, well balanced and in control of my own life. I highly recommend Adrian’s work as a life coach.
LinkedIn reccomendation 2
1/5/2014 12:34:53 PM
It was fantastic working with Jacqui, a real pleasure to help her gain her goals;

Adrian helped me to clarify my goals, identifying one main goal to focus on. We explored the obstacles preventing me from reaching that goal and how to overcome these. Adrian then used skills to motivate me to become disciplined to put the ideas into action.

I have reached many smaller goals that are helping me to get nearer and nearer to my big goal (and it's a very big goal!). I am now creating my own ideas of how to keep moving forward as a result of working with Adrian. I am a success and now more confident as a result of completing this course. With what I have learn't from Adrian I now can build on these skills to improve further. An excellent course that has given me skills for life. Thank you Adrian. Highly recommended.
linked in reccomendation 3
1/5/2014 12:32:58 PM
Thanks Steph for your lovely reccomendation its a pleasure working with you;

I have been working with Adrian since the start of November to kick start some ideas I had around setting up my own business. Adrian has been instrumental in helping me to achieve clarity on my business goals by getting me to understand my drivers, passions and reasons for why. Adrian's highly personable and supportive approach has enabled me to talk openly and honestly around the obstacles holding me back whilst at the same time giving me the space to think through solution options carefully. He has an innate ability to pick up on the real issues blocking progress rather than those I choose to discuss! As a result he has been invaluable in helping me to gain a better understanding of myself. This has been particularly beneficial as it has allowed me to implement more effective strategies to manage my own fears and perceived limitations. Whilst being supportive, Adrian has provided much needed accountability and challenge. It was exactly this approach that I needed to achieve a major breakthrough on a particular stumbling block that kept resurfacing.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Adrian as a development coach for those looking to achieve their goals. His personable style and genuine interest in seeing his clients achieve make a difference.

Thank you Adrian.

New Year Offer
1/5/2014 12:28:23 PM

Happy New Year All -

So we all know that New Year is a time for reflection and planning - did you know though that according to research carried out in the UK, 88% of people setting themselves goals this New Year will fail?

Well I’m on a mission to make it easier to change that statistic and below are two fantastic offers available to anyone taking out a block of 6 sessions with me during January 2014

Simply book and pay for a set of 6 sessions and chose one of the options available, whichever you think is best suited to your aims from coaching.

  • A free DISC profiling, enabling you to better understand your own motivations and personality as well as providing you with tools to get the best out of those around you that influence you achieving all you want in life


  • Take out our satisfaction guarantee - it’s amazingly simple, after our third session is you don’t believe that the work is moving you toward your goals faster then we will simply refund the rest of our session at that point.
So now's thw time to break that cycle and start being who you want to be in 2014
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