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Personal coaching focusses on goals that individuals want to achieve. These vary from person to person, they may be related to work and career, family and relationships, fun, finances, health, home, personal development and many more things, but above all each is unique to the person considering being coached.

After our initial free discovery conversation and you move forward with coaching, we complete an intake session. This involves clarify the roles of coach and the coachee (this is what we prefer to call you, rather than client as its a bit more personal in our view) we comlete some initial work on the coachee's life view and goal setting and importantly setting the foundation of the partnership.

In some instances if the person wishes we will use the DISC profile system to look at their personality and learning types, although highly recommended as it enables the learning and understanding process to move quicker, this is not a must do.

Each session after this (we recommend at least 3, although 6 is better) it is the role of the coachee to come to the session with a goal in mind. We then work through a process of clarifying what the goal is, discussing the reality of where the coachee is in relation to their goal, looking at the obstacles in the way of achieving it and then to set what the coachee will do to achieve their goal.

Like most things in life, with coaching you will get out what you put in, commit 100% and you will achieve your goals.


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