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Who are we?

We love what we do here at Turn Goals Into Reality Coaching and when considering exactly what it is that we do, we decided that we really feel like we are performing a little bit of chemistry when we coach.

Taking our clients goals, adding a dash of skills and a glug of knowledge to the mix, we are creating a catalyst that empowers our clients to go on and achieve their goals, so how better than to describe ourselves than 'Alchemists'?

Master Alchemist - Adrian Thomas is our lead coach. Having a wealth of experience of senior management roles within varied organisations, as part of his on-going professional development Adrian attended a coaching seminar and has never looked back.
Coaching pulled together so many elements of Adrian's personal values, ethics and working styles that it was an instant fit and melds together the way that he has always interacted with people to help them move forward professionaly.
As a strong believer in continuing proffessional development Adrian is currently completing further formal qualifications in workplace psychology, personal development and small business development.
He is fascinated by helping others and understanding what makes us who we are and he is a dedicated cat lover and has a keen interest in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Associate Alchemists - We recognise that from time to time we need the support of others to give our clients the best service possible and therefore may look to enhance this through the use of specialists in certain fields, we call these our associate alchemists, after all they are performing the same magic for our clients as our master alchemists.
Whenever we use an associate alchemist we ensure that they adhere to the same commitments that our master alchemists do and that they are fully and appropriately trained to carry out the work that we have associated them for.


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